About Mindset

“Sometimes our mindset can hinder our development and progression whether we realise it or not.” At Create Edge we are experts in identifying where this is the case and then getting to the root cause, so we can support you to develop the mindset that will give you The Edge.

Whilst this is a very personal area of development and our support is tailored uniquely to you, two areas that are known to be key in developing the mindset for personal and professional success are Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

The below support can be delivered either as a group training session or as one-to-one coaching.


Whether you’re a manager of others wanting to ensure you lead with resilience, or a team looking to develop more bouncebackability, this highly practical session enables every individual to develop what we call ‘protection factors’; those physiological and psychological habits and practices that allow you to become the most resilient version of you. We can even offer individual psychometric assessment of your resilience levels so you can accurately identify where you display resilience already or where you may need to develop.

Balanced Emotional Intelligence

With emotional intelligence (EI) being responsible for around 85% of our daily success, it may not surprise you that in looking at the behaviours it drives, it’s not as straightforward as being high or low in EI. With a number of components contributing to your overall levels, exploring the balance between these components and the behaviours driven through mismatches in scores means you can focus on developing the components that will drive the behaviour you want to see, or even the behaviour required in your role. By using the EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment we provide fully comprehensive reports that show the breakdown of your EI into 15 components and work with you to unpick exactly what your individual balance means.

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