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About Management & Leadership

We work with you to ensure all of our Management and Leadership sessions address your specific needs; from the skills gaps in your business to a fitting approach and style for your teams. We can design a unique session for you, or we can tailor our most popular sessions, listed below:

1) Management & Leadership Essentials

Whether you’re new to management or an experienced leader of others, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between exercising management and leadership behaviours. It is often tricky to recognise what your preferred style is and how to adapt it to unlock potential and high performance in each individual. This session lays all of the foundations to ensure you know exactly what you should be doing to get the best out of your people, whatever your level of experience or seniority.

2) Personal Effectiveness

We all have the same number of hours in the day, so how is it that some people achieve so much with their time whilst others seem to get so little done? This session ensures you achieve the maximum output possible each day through understanding how to prioritise most effectively for you – taking into account when you personally are at your most productive.

3) Managing Performance

We all know that underperformers need managing, but we often do our A-players a disservice by not managing their high performance effectively too. This session will equip you with all you need in order to tackle both behavioural and output related poor performance, as well as stretching and supporting those that always deliver.

4) Engaging and Motivating the Team

When in doubt, our default is often to incentivise our teams with monetary rewards, but this is not what motivates individuals in the long-term. By understanding the key drivers for us all, plus how individual personal values affect our motivation, you can create a committed team that gives that all important discretionary effort.

5) Fear-free Feedback

Whilst many of us are comfortable at delivering positive feedback to others, it can be far more challenging (and daunting) having to deliver those more negative messages. By using our fail-safe feedback model and understanding the neuroscience behind people’s reactions to the feedback you deliver, you can ensure that the feedback you give has the impact you want and any negative emotion is minimised in the process.

6) Presentation Skills

Whether it be constructing a high-impact presentation, developing your own delivery style or even fighting off those niggling nerves that often go hand-in-hand with public speaking, we can help you. We know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach with presentation skills, so our sessions can cover all of the above, or target one particular area.

7) Championing Change

By recognising the key types of change, the drivers and the reasons why change initiatives often fail, you will be better equipped to champion the change – whatever it may be. We work with you to understand how to create an 8 step plan to make change a success, and explain the neuroscience relating to how we process change, so that you can respond to it in a healthy way and help others to do the same.

8) Developing Resilience

Whether you’re a manager of others wanting to ensure you lead with resilience, or a team looking to develop more bouncebackability, this highly practical session enables every individual to develop what we call ‘protection factors’; those physiological and psychological habits and practices that allow you to become the most resilient version of you. We can even offer individual psychometric assessment of your resilience levels so you can accurately identify where you display resilience already or where you may need to develop.

9) Balanced Emotional Intelligence

With emotional intelligence (EI) being responsible for around 85% of our daily success, it may not surprise you that in looking at the behaviours it drives, it’s not as straightforward as being high or low in EI. With a number of components contributing to your overall levels, exploring the balance between these components and the behaviours driven through mismatches in scores means you can focus on developing the components that will drive the behaviour you want to see, or even the behaviour required in your role. By using the EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment we provide fully comprehensive reports that show the breakdown of your EI into 15 components and work with you to unpick exactly what your individual balance means.

10) Coaching Skills for Managers

In a rapidly changing world where we see new generations bring fresh perspectives and approaches to how we work, we need to go way beyond traditional management approaches and become managers who coach our teams. By providing the tools and techniques to successfully coach as well as manage, we help you to achieve a balanced and bespoke approach to supporting your people to ensure you empower, develop and stretch them at all times.

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