Coaching Clinics

About Coaching Clinics

When a challenge arises, coaching support may be exactly what is required to work through the situation and achieve the best outcome. Yet providing ongoing one-to-one coaching support for all of your staff to support them to manage these challenges is costly and, dependent on the size of your organisation, likely to be an unrealistic option. Our Coaching Clinics are a simple, cost-effective way to provide leading-edge, timely coaching support to your staff.

By booking a regular Coaching Clinic, for example, one day per month, your employees can access our highly skilled and experienced Coaches during the entire day, either as a drop-in service or through a time-slot booking system. The employees who require coaching support at that time can work through their current challenges confidentially with an experienced Coach. Each coaching session can be treated as either a one-off or if follow-up is required, this can be arranged for the next clinic.

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