Despite the advancements in online training, nothing can replace the effectiveness of face-to-face training with an expert. Our Trainers can flex to every learning style throughout the session, bring concepts and theories to life, help you to apply the learning to real-life situations and encourage ongoing shared support within the group. At Create Edge, our team will work with you to understand your business strategy, culture, staff demographics and learning preferences so we can design and deliver the training solutions that will have maximum effectiveness. We know people learn best when they are relaxed and engaged, so our experienced trainers create the right environments to unlock the focus, energy and mindsets required to really make the learning stick.


When you find the right coach for you, your world opens up. You will be surrounded by opportunities and options, you see fewer barriers and limitations and you know that your coach will help you to achieve the great things you are truly capable of. At Create Edge we will provide the coaching support suited to you so you can utilise your untapped potential, overcome challenges and become the best, most successful version of yourself.

Human Resources

Whether you are a small company without an internal HR function, or a larger company wanting to outsource your HR activity, we can provide support at a strategic, management or even administrative level in all areas of your employee lifecycle.