Training sessions and one-to-one coaching are important tools for businesses, but we know that getting lasting behavioural change from this type of activity is not always straightforward. Often we wrongly assume that putting a group of employees through a workshop will automatically get the results we need. Employees can have a great time during the session, but unless you achieve the changes required from the training, it is merely a fun day out for your staff. This can be great for morale, but won’t help to sharpen your competitive edge as a business.

We’ve seen this time and time again, so we know how to get the results you need - without losing the fun. From start to finish, our approach, delivery styles, experience and expertise all mean that we offer a unique and tailored service; always ensuring we know your culture and the learning methods that suit you. On top of this, we understand the neuroscience behind behavioural change, so our results last.

With the added benefit of offering HR consultancy, we can help you create the right infrastructure to foster an effective learning culture.

Why we're different

Create Edge is co-owned by JDX, a global financial services provider and Times Fast Track 100 winner. We have worked closely with JDX to develop a highly effective Leadership Team and upskill the Directors, Managers and Consultants throughout the business. Employing some of the most recognised and skilled experts in the industry, as well as developing its own internal training academy, JDX is a perfect partner to Create Edge.

With such a rich pool of expertise at our fingertips, we are able to go way above and beyond the level of support normally offered by a training and coaching company. We understand about growing and diversifying businesses and can offer some of the best mentor support should our clients require it.

What our clients think

“Sarah has made a great difference to the leadership team of JDX. It is the combination of her understanding of neuroscience together with known leadership principles which differentiates her from other coaches. Since Sarah’s evolvement with JDX, we have seen a huge change in the way that senior people interact, and this has led to much stronger goal congruence than we had before.”


“Off the back of Sarah's insights and recommendations we have restructured our business, and retrained/developed more of our people in the past 12 months than ever before! We are more efficient; employee engagement has drastically increased and the commercial knock on effects are amazing. The team, who have worked across many large agencies world-wide have said that Sarah's sessions have had the most impact on them both personally and professionally by a mile!”

Tim Donoghue, Operations, Clickoo

“Sarah goes the extra mile to support delegates after their training, ensuring skills are transferred and demonstrating her dedication and commitment to organisational development. We are very much looking forward to working with Create Edge in the future in supporting culture change across the organisation.”

Karen Lane, HR & OD Consultant, Chorley Council

“Sarah thinks about real people development and commercial/ business needs. I always come away from a conversation or review session with Sarah feeling highly energised and confident that the support provided will make a real difference - and I’ve have not been disappointed!”

Hilary Burns, People Director, Swinton Insurance Group

“We have just started working with Create Edge to have the ultimate in a development culture and create a truly high performing team. We sense that the energy, focus & determination of Create Edge will make this a key strength for our business & we can’t wait to embrace the partnership.”

Carrie Osman, Founder & CEO, Cruxy & Co

“Fulcrum have worked with Sarah Brennan to deliver training to the team on areas such as Alignment, Engaging and Motivating a team, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Personal Effectiveness and Leading and Managing Change. These sessions have been very highly rated by the team with many of the tools being seen widely applied within the business.”

Clive Pitt, CEO, Fulcrum Group

“We have been using Sarah to provide Executive Coaching within the Partner team. Her sessions get to the nub of the issues, but are also insightful and game changing, in terms of improving the functioning of our Executive Team.If you define leadership as the ability to increase the effectiveness of an individual and a team, then she definitely meets this definition!”

Andy Roberts, Partner, Planit-IE

What we do

Our approach to working with our clients is quite simple; we listen, we understand, we partner, we deliver and we follow-up. What this looks like in practice is, we ask the right questions to help you to identify the core issues and what you would like the outcomes to be. We partner with you to understand the culture of your business, your staff demographics and how they like to learn.

We then use our vast experience and expertise to explore ways to ensure you achieve your goals; always providing you with leading-edge Trainers, Coaches, and HR consultants. Once the delivery is complete, we will partner with you to ensure that the learning is embedded and that you get a return on your investment.


Create Edge is led by a highly experienced leadership team, with an ambitious vision and a record of performance across a wide range of industries.

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